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Have you been staring at your living space and wondering what you can do to make the space more comfortable? Have you been wondering how to upgrade the aesthetic of your interior and exterior to make the place more “you”? 

MUCHi Design and our interior design partners are specialized in creating residential and commercial spaces that are correctly balanced and proportioned.

Home is a big part of anyone’s life, it is a place where we spend the most time, create the most memories. Some home even has a rich history behind it.

A place that we treasure so much deserves a place that we spend so much time in should be comfortable to live in as well. A home is a place for comfort, everyone comes home to relax, whether it’s after school or after work, it is a place for us to recharge ourselves from a long day of work.

Thus, comfort is the most important aspect people look for in a home renovation. The ideas and combination are limitless, we can provide some ideas for your next home renovation.

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Home Remodelling Details

Sectioning your home space is a good way to create rooms and areas for different purposes. Some homeowners prefer open concepts for them to be able to see every and be aware of them. Most parents prefer open concepts because then they can keep an eye on their children while they work or cook in the other area. There are many different ways to do this sectioning.

  • Making space open concept such as open kitchen can help contribute to making home space feel and look spacious. Minimize the amount of section within the space, allowing you to view as far as you can, create the sense of space.
  • Half walls are another great way to create sectioning, they still act as a wall but with the top half being gone, it creates an illusion as if there are no walls there, yet it still gives off the sense of sectioning areas.
  • Using wood slats to section the space, the spaces between each wood slats still allow light to pass through, creating a sense of space. Since Wood slat sectioning is created by spacing out each wood slats to create a “solid-space-solid-space-solid” pattern, it still creates some privacy while remain being spacious.

The colours play a key component in the feeling of the space. Each colour emits a different aura, affect the user’s mood within the room. Depending on what you want to feel within the room, the colours need to be chosen accordingly:

  • If you want the room to emit a soft, comfortable aura for space such as a living room where everyone relaxes. It is best to avoid colours that are too bright or too dark, it is best to stick with neutral colours such as beige, white, and other earthy tones.
  • For the study room, you will want to focus instead of relaxing, neutral colours are good for almost anything but with a hint of green or blue, the study shows, green helps improve concentration while blue improves productivity. Darker colour within the room will help as well, it creates less distraction from the items within the room.
  • The kitchen usually emits a bright, lively space due to it being the second most frequent space used within the most. It is common to have a general bright colour for the kitchen, it not only improves appetite for others, helping others feel more energetic especially in the morning, but bright colours also help highlighted any dirty area, making it easier to spot and clean.
  • Bathrooms have many options for colours, most users either go brighter or darker depending on the aura they want their bathroom to emit. Brighter colours such as white make the bathroom look clean, neat, and tidy. While darker colours make it more mysterious, more sensual.
  • The bedroom is a wildcard; it is a private space for the individual user. It fully depends on the user of the room on what makes them feel more at ease, what their favourite colour is. Generally speaking, most users would want the feeling of comfort while being in the bedroom because it is a space for users to relax in.

The section that everyone sees when they arrive, or pass-by your home, is usually always the landscaping around the home. It is the section that creates the first impression. A clean and tidy landscape leaves a good impression on the viewers. There are many ways to keep the landscape looking neat and tidy.

  • Keeping the plants clean and neat at all times, remove any withered plants.
  • Create sections to organize your plants, decorations neatly.
  • Refresh the grass regularly.

Lighting is very important when it comes to setting the mood for each room. They vary from the design itself to the colour they emit. Enough light can keep the place looking bright and welcoming, or less light can create a mysterious space depending on which mood you want each room to emit. Light can also be used differently; it can be used as a spotlight where it focuses on an important subject or ones that illuminate the whole room.

  • In spaces like Livingroom, Kitchen, or dining room, they usually prefer light sources that can illuminate the whole room because they are the room with most activities as well as the rooms that people spend the most time in. A well-lit room creates a lively atmosphere.
  • Some may use the spotlight as an extra highlight within the room such as above to TV. Spotlight helps to find the focus within the room as well as create better visibility on the highlighted objects.

Flooring just like the wall, it creates and set the different mood within the house depending on its material, colour, texture, and many more other aspects. Even the way it is placed, the pattern it creates can affect the atmosphere of the room as well.

  • Wood is a popular option for the majority of the rooms within the house. Wood panels create a sense of comfort, warmth within the household. They also generate a sense of calmness for the users. Wood also has an advantage in colours, since it is a natural colour, and it comes in a wide range of variety in colours, it goes well with a lot of the design choices whether it being different colour or material.
  • Some other rooms in the house are more suitable for tiles, such as the kitchen, bathroom or mudroom. These rooms are prone to water damage, and wood does not do well in constant water spillage, they will rot and worn out faster in these specific areas. Thus, tiles are more common in these rooms. There is also a wide range of material and patterns when it comes to tile selection. Many choices available for you to choose from, each material can have multiple colour variations and patterns, each one is unique. The flooring using tiles creates a clean and sleek atmosphere in the room

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