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Are you planning on opening your restaurant? Or you already have a business running but want to freshen up the look, appearance to help increase sales?

MUCHi Design and our interior designers & contractors are specialized in creating commercial and residential spaces that are correctly balanced and proportioned.

Indeed, the appearance of the store can greatly affect sale increase. Most people decide where they want to go base on the appearance of the place. For example, if you decide to go on a picnic trip, you will choose a place with a nice view, fresh air and such, you will never choose a place in the city center or inside a mall.

Impression and suitable appearance will greatly affect the business sales especially if you’re running a restaurant, you will want people not only to enjoy the food but also enjoy being and going to the restaurant. You might ask “But how do you do that”? We will provide you will some ideas for restaurant renovation that can greatly improve your business’ appearance. 

We offer a full suite of interior design services and will take your wants and needs and put them together in a plan.

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Commercial Renovation Details

Depending on what mood and vibe you want your restaurant space to give off to its client, colour is essential, as it can not only affect how others feel but it can control their appetite unconsciously as well.

  • If your restaurant is a breakfast store

    You would probably want to use a bright colour such as yellow and white. These two generate bright and cheerful energy for the clients in the morning when they are most tired, dreading their feet to work or school. Bright colours can bring up their mood.


  • If your restaurant is a high-class restaurant

    You probably would want your clients to feel like they are at one too. These restaurants focus on elegancy, they avoid using too many bright or dark colours, usually only use them as highlights. This type of restaurant usually uses neutral colours, such as beige, this way, the colour of the restaurant itself will not overpower the colour of the food, but will help to highlight it.


  • If your restaurant is an all you can eat.

    You would want to encourage your clients to walk around, exploring the place. For a restaurant like this, we would suggest multiple designs and colours that can help catch your client’s attention such as different colours for the different food sections. Multiple pops of designs and colours here and there for clients to stay interested. Using multiple colours not only can help catch client’s attention but it can also help clients find what they are looking for.

Colours can also affect the “size” of the restaurant space, brighter colours can make the restaurant space look more spacious, while the darker colours will make space look more cramped.

No one likes to enter a small and cramped restaurant, however, not every restaurant owner can afford a big spacious space that can accommodate a high volume of people.  Smaller restaurants should avoid looking cramp by avoiding dark colours, and too many sectioning of the space. There are a few solutions to avoid making the space looking cramp.

  • Open Concept

    By making space open concept such as an open kitchen can help contribute to making the restaurant space looking spacious. Minimize the number of sections within the space, allowing clients to be able to see the whole space at once.


  • Using glass

    If you still want some sectioning, using glass is another option, because they are transparent, they still allow a ray of lights to pass through, still allow the clients to expand their vision while being in the restaurant. Allowing space the appear spacious to them.


  • Using Mirror

    The mirror can help create an illusion of a bigger space than the one that exists. Many places have use mirrors to create a bigger visual space. The mirror creates reflections, especially by placing mirrors facing each other, it expands the existing space visually, allowing the client to feel more comfortable and no trace of feeling cramp.


  • Sectioning using wood slats instead of Solid wall

    Some sectioning is unavoidable, if you are not fond of open concept or glass sectioning, you can try using wood slats to section the space. Same logic as using glass to section, the spaces between each wood slats still allow light to passes through and it won’t create any refraction, thus clients don’t need to worry about light beam shining into their eyes while trying to enjoy their food. Since Wood slat sectioning is created by spacing out each wood slats to create a “solid-space-solid-space-solid” pattern, it still creates some privacy while remain being spacious. Using wood also creates a sense of nature and elegance in the restaurant.

Lighting and Flooring are just as important as everything else. Enough light can keep the place looking bright and welcoming, or less light can create a mysterious space depending on which mood you want your clients’ to experience. Lights can be manipulated in many ways; you can use light to highlight important sections such as the food or cashier section. Or you can:

  • Create your unique light fixtures

    Creating and designing your light fixtures that best suit your restaurant style whether it’s a hanging light or standing light, will help boost the uniqueness of the restaurant, attract your clients as well as keeping the restaurant memorable.


  • Hidden Lights

    Some restaurant spaces may not have enough space to use light fixtures to create enough light without feeling cramp. Instead of using an actual lamp or hanging light fixture, you can consider inserting the light source into the floor, ceiling, or walls. This not only saves the amount of space available, keeping the space looking tidy, it also still providing a light source effectively.

Different types of colours and materials of the flooring can create a different mood for the clients too. To decide which type of flooring to use, we can decide base on what mood and feeling you want your clients to feel.

  • Feeling Cool

    If you are opening a restaurant such as hot pot, you would want to keep your clients cool, you wouldn’t want to give them a feeling of warmth and hotness while eating something that’s already hot itself. For a restaurant like this, we would suggest using material such as tiles since it gives off a cooler feeling for the customers and it is also easy to clean for a restaurant like this that can get messy at times. Another option can be lighter colour wood, wood is good for most flooring since it comes in a different shade of colour, using a lighter shade for this type of restaurant can help to keep the customer cool effectively.


  • Feeling Warm

    If you plan on keeping your clients warm while being in the restaurant, using wood will be a good option. Wood is known to create heat such as using them for fireplace, they also generate a sense of calmness to the users. Using a darker colour of wood can help create a sense of warmth in the restaurant, keeping the clients feeling warm and comfortable.

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