Wood Wine Cellar

Custom Walk-In Wine Racks for Restaurants & Houses

Wood Wine Racks by Muchi

Have you ever dreamed about having your own wine collection but don’t have the proper place to store them?

Do you afraid that they will fall due to external forcing them to break?

This is where a custom wine cellar will be a good consideration for the job and as the wood mill projects specialists we can make it happened.

A wine cellar not only acts as a storage for the wines, but it also keeps them from spoiling as from as providing protection from any possible vibration. 

A custom wine rack is a good investment not only for Restaurants, but also for homeowners that want to store their wine collection and get all the advantages of an in-house wine cellar rack.

Custom Restaurant Wine Racks

Walnut Cellars for your wine Collection

When it comes to organizing the wines, there are several styles available and it all comes down to which style you prefer or whether you want to combine it with an accent wall or kitchen island that you might have

Some like to display their wines horizontally, where you can see the body of the bottle clearly, this way, you and the visitor can easily tell what the wine is, where is it from, and what year it was from. Some prefer to store them in a way where you only see the head of the bottle. 

The shape of the shelves should be taken into considerations as well. Some prefer straight formation, giving a cleaner look, while some prefer diagonal formation, providing a more dynamic look. Other than the methods listed, there’s also a choice of storing them in bulk or individually. 

If you have enough storage space to storage them individually, then it will not only allows quicker access, it also lowers the risk of shattering. 

While storage in bulk is popular among wine manufacture since they need to store high quantities of each and different types of wine.

Walnut Wine Racks Toronto

If you are a frequent wine buyer, having a custom wine rack will help you save a lot of money as well. 

Having more wine storage space will allow you to buy more wines in bulks, buying bulks help save a lot of extra money compared to when buying them individually. 

It also encourages homeowners to grow their wine knowledge, trying out different wines, and learning how to age wine, growing your own wine collection. 

Let’s Show Case your Wine Collection with a Custom Wood Cellar Rack.

Having your wine cellar custom made, allows you to choose the style of the shelving, size of the storage, or display section to what you had in vision. 

With a custom wine rack, we not only can utilize the provided space fully, but we can also design to fit your current home décor, your home aesthetic as if they were always there.e.

Still Have Questions?

Similar to our built-in cabinets, each Wood Wine Cellar is unique to its owner and the price varies depending on your own taste in the shape, size, and how you want to store and showcase your wine.

Custom Wine Cellars possess their own uniqueness and can be small like a mini-fridge or a whole room. Thus, the cost for each Wine Cellar project varies depending on the size, available space, the material used, and the level of difficulty. We will able to give you a final estimation and the production time after our expert conducts an on-site measurement and have all the required details.

Muchi Design will not only produce but will also install your wine cellar following the best installation practices. 

To make the process easier, we are here and ready to talk about your dream Wood Wine Cellar, guide you through the process and discuss all the parameters as well as the budget before you make your final decision.

We use various types of hardwoods or softwoods and can also combine solid wood with laminate, depending on the project and of course, your needs.

Absolutely. Our interior designers will work with your ideas and your space and will give you the best possible solution to add a wine cellar more efficiently.

Give us a call or book a free in-person consultation in our studio in Scarborough, so we can discuss all the available options and details of your custom wood wine cellar.

We offer free consultation to clients from Toronto (Etobicoke, North York, Scarborough), Markham, Richmond Hill, Aurora, Newmarket, Pickering, Ajax, Vaughan, Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington and other GTA regions.