Wood Slat Walls

Vertical Slated Wall Panels For Every Room & Space

Custom Slatwall Panels by Muchi

A good way to make an existing space your own is to add a personal touch to your space. These personal touches can be in any form, from wallpaper to furniture choices and little accessories. The most popular choice is to add a wood slat wall to your room.

When it comes to accent walls or other wood mill produces projects, there are many different options to choose from, such as a specific material or the style of the pattern that works best for you.

Wooden Slat Wall is designed using multiple wooden slats of the same size to create a vertical wall.

Some are attached to the wall, and some create a stand-alone separation wall.

The wooden slat wall gives the wall texture with its consistent unevenness, the consistency is both pleasant and calming to look at.

Bring your vision to life with our Vertical Slat Walls

Wooden Slat Wall is currently the popular choice when you want to upgrade your space’s visual aesthetic. It may look simple, but it adds a great sense of style, upgrading your space instantly.

Wooden Slate Wall can be any size you want, some likes to fill the whole wall, while some want parts of the wall, whichever your choice is, wooden slat can do its job to the fullest. They are easy to maintain as well.

Finally, unlike other walls, if there is a small dent on the wooden slat wall, you only need to remove the affected pieces and simply replace them.

How much a Wood Slat Wall will cost?

Wood Slat Walls are the simplest way to elevate your interior elegance.

Each custom slatted wall project is being used for a different purpose unique to its owner, so there is no set price.

The cost will depend on the design, space, material and other special requirements you might have. We will able to give you a final estimation and the production time after our expert conducts an on-site measurement and have all the required details.

To make the process easier, we are here and ready to talk about your Wood Slat Wall, guide you through the process and discuss all the parameters as well as the budget before you make your final decision.

Still Have Questions?

We use various types of hardwoods or softwoods and it depends on the project and of course, your needs.

Absolutely. Our interior designers will work with your ideas and your space and will give you the best possible solution.

Give us a call or book a free in-person consultation in our studio in Scarborough, so we can discuss all the available options and details.

Let’s Make you Dream Wooden Slat Wall

A slatted wood wall is an investment that will make a big visual statement and create a lasting impression.

It is a wonderful way to add an eye-catching dimension to your space and make your design vision pop.