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 Natural Wood Vanities by MUCHi

Have you ever looked at your bathroom vanity and wondered how out of date they are? Or have you looked at them and wondered how you can increase the space? Awkward bathroom shape? Search no more, with MUCHi’s custom design vanity, we can design however you wish your vanity to be with the size and style you dream of. From our experience doing multiple wood mill-produced projects wood vanity cabinets will definitely highlight your bathroom.

We, MUCHi Design, mainly work with solid hardwoods such as Walnut, Maple, White Oak, and Red Oak, to create our project. We use the naturalness of the wood to bring warmth to your existing area. Of course, for the vanity, depends on where and what the vanity is used for, we can also work with other materials such as stone or mirrors as well.

If you want to replace a bathroom vanity or buy a pre-made vanity cabinet to install it by yourself, you can always order your wood vanities online.

Custom Your Vanities in the Bathroom

Bathroom Vanities and Cabinets are the most common one clients want to remove and redo. Since bathroom or washroom space is usually the smaller side compared to the rest of the rooms within the house, it is also usually the ones that set or change a guest’s impression of the place. With our custom design, we can design it to fit the mood you want your washroom to give off. We have control over the size of the vanity, one sink or double sinks or more. We have control over the amount and size of storage needed, it can be open shelves, cabinets, drawers, or all of them.  When the vanity is in the bathroom, with a sink, we usually create the project with a stone top, since it will be a place with a lot of water usage, a stone vanity top is the best way to go.
custom wood vanity
walnut vanity

Vanities in the Bedroom

Vanity is not only limited to inside the bathroom, but it can also be in a bedroom as well. These types of vanity are meant for grooming such as putting on makeup, fixing hair, and much more activity without the usage of water. These types of Vanity usually accompany by a stool, or a chair, to help the users to interact with the vanity more comfortably. 

For a grooming wood vanity, we can make them completely out of solid hardwood without the worry of water damage, as well as designing a mirror frame with it. Since it will be custom made, we have options on how we want the vanity table to be made, how big it should be, how many drawers you want, the size of the mirror, how you want to store them, and many more. If you can think of it, we can help achieve it.

The options for vanities are limitless, if you can think of it, we can most likely achieve it for you.

 We can also design one for you, your very own, one-of-a-kind wooden vanity. The perk of having a custom natural wood vanity not only brings warmth to your washroom but also upgrades your aesthetic of the area surrounding it. With our custom wood vanity cabinets, we can make it fit any awkward corner you might have, custom fitting them into the space seamlessly. 

Contact us today, and let’s create your one and only vanity.

custom oak vanity

Let’s Create your Custom Solid Wood Vanity


If you are looking to upgrade your vanity in Toronto, MUCHi can make it happened.

We specialize in creating custom-made vanities, that suit your lifestyle and improve your living quality.