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Do you want to add a personal touch to your newly bought house but don’t know where to start? Do you want to make your property one of a kind but are not sure how to do it? We suggest you start off by customizing your railing or banisters. 

In most homes, the first thing we see is the stairs, some are outside right before the main entrance, while some are inside right when you walk into the property. 

It may seem like a minor thing, but banisters, stairs, and railings are usually the first thing most people see when approaching a property, thus it also impacts one’s first impression of the property. 

For example, you wouldn’t want to see or tour the property when you see the stairs and railing on the front porch in bad condition because you automatically think the inside will be relatively the same. 

Thus, these stairs and banisters greatly affect one’s impression.

Unique Wood Banister Just For You

Custom banisters and stairs allow you to step out of the box, breaking that usual, typical-looking banister, railing, and stairs design you see everywhere else. You will be able to customize your own banister and stairs, showing off your personality through them. 

Custom-made stairs allow you to add your own personal ideas and designs to your own property, but they also help you stand out from the crowd, and be memorable. 

Depending on the material used, custom-made stairs and banisters can be placed both inside and outside of the property. 

We suggest having a consistent design for both inside and outside the property, showing this way your personal touch flows from outside into your home, raising the general aesthetic of the property through your creation.

We Specialize in Wood Handrails

At MUCHi, we specialize in custom wood projects and we can make your stairs and banisters to your liking and achieve a look that will best suit your property’s aesthetic. 

We can also combine your stairs with other materials such as slatted panels or built-in shelving units for a better aesthetic. 

Finally, we can get some stair ideas, that we will customize according to your needs.

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Banisters and Stairs are no doubt the most popular millwork project out there. Many may not notice, but banisters and stairs are a form of millwork. 

Wood banisters and stairs definitely bring out the uniqueness of your space. 

They are flexible as well, you don’t have to make a regular straight staircase to reach the next floor, and there are many other options such as straight stairs with a central landing, L-shaped stairs, U-shaped stairs, Winder Stairs, Spiral Stairs, and many more. 

They are no doubt, one of the key elements in your space.

Wooden Handrails Toronto

Let's Design & Make your Dream Wood Handrails

Still Have Questions?

Each custom wood handrail project is unique as some railings are longer, shorter, wider or skinner. The look of the railing solely depends on what the owner wants and needs. Thus, each custom handrail project is unique and has different price points.

The price of a custom banister project depends on various factors such as the material, the difficulty of the design, the size of the banister, etc. We will be able to give you a final estimation and the production time after our expert conducts an on-site measurement and has all the required details.

To make the process easier, we are here and ready to talk about your wood railings, guide you through the process and discuss all the parameters as well as the budget before you make your final decision.

We use various types of hardwoods or softwoods for the railing and stairs we produce and it depends on the project and of course, your needs.

Absolutely. Our designer and fabrication experts will work with according to your stairs shape and will give you the best possible solution.

Give us a call or book a free in-person consultation in our studio in Scarborough, so we can discuss all the available options and details of your custom wood wine cellar.

We offer free consultation to clients from Toronto (Etobicoke, North York, Scarborough), Markham, Richmond Hill, Aurora, Newmarket, Pickering, Ajax, Vaughan, Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington and other GTA regions.